Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Acequia Importance

This is the first part of a documentary I found on the importance of the Acequia for the people who use it. when reading the Piece by Pena in class I understood how Acequias work but I think that the video helps paint the picture of how detrimental it is for the farmers who use it. A lot of work goes into the maintaining of their water resources in this manner.Yes people can abuse the water but it seems that I doesn't happen that often due to water being so important for these people. one of the main problems is that the people are being pushed out of their areas due to the exploitations of the land and resources needed for this way of life. and example of this is the urbanization of land to bring about higher profits for the area. but these people don't see any of the profits. a major concern is the fact that in America it seems that this practice is dying out due to lack of participation through the generations. this is primarily a passed down process and with the pursue of the so called American dream Acequias are being literally left in the dust because no one wants to put the effort into it anymore and would rather pursue other careers

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